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About Us

Cross Point Volleyball Club was founded on the principle of developing the individual athlete with positive competition. In addition, CPV  provides the opportunity for junior girls within the So Cal community to play volleyball at the highest level of competition while enjoying all the benefits competitive volleyball provides.


We are a competitive girls volleyball program dedicated to developing junior athletes for competition in local and national tournaments. Our Club's goals are to teach life skills through volleyball, to develop self-esteem, sportsmanship, competitiveness, and to create lasting friendships within our CPV family. CPV provides a unique opportunity to build upon character, further develop leaders to work individually and collectively as a team focused on complete success as a whole. During this development we hope that everyone learns to appreciate this wonderful game and be able to continue to the next level of competition, whether college bound, professionally or personally. 

Additional Information

Cross Point Volleyball Club is also affiliated with a nonprofit foundation to help provide some financial relief for families struggling to keep their children in any leisurely or competitive sports programs, not limited to volleyball.

Rochelle Short, Owner of CPV, helped create the foundation and is an active director who believes every child should have the opportunity to participate in sports.